1. Multivariate Calculus
  2. Linear Algebra
  3. Introduction to Probability
  4. Theory of Statistics
  5. Two courses in statistical computing or computer science, including advanced programming


  1. 01:640:251 Multivariable Calculus or equivalent
  2. 01:640:250 Introductory Linear Algebra or equivalent
  3. 01:960:381 Theory of Probability or equivalent
  4. 01:960:382 Theory of Statistics or equivalent
    1. 01:960:486 Computing and Graphics in Applied Statistics or equivalent
    2. 01:198:111 Introduction to Computer Science or equivalent 

Important! Admitted applicants who do not meet the prerequisite requirement must take the appropriate courses at their home institution or online before arriving at Rutgers in the fall. A placement test will be given to test the readiness of the students. Failure to pass this test may significantly delay the student's progress in the program.