The Data Science (MSDS) program maintains a culture of mutual respect between students and faculty members and excellent communication among them. In particular, students will have sufficient time for faculty members to review and assess their work and faculty members will be as prompt as circumstances allow in responding to their students with such assessments.

The MSDS program does not require students to complete a Master Thesis to graduate. Instead, it requires a comprehensive project report which may be an extension of one or two course projects that the student has done during the study. The students are required to submit the project report to either the instructor of the course for which the project report is based on, or to the Program Director or Deputy Director, four weeks before the deadline for the Master of Science graduation candidacy forms to be completed and submitted. The instructor or the Program Directors will review the project report and approve or provide feedback to the students within two weeks, so adequate time is available to the students to improve and finalize the report.

The timeline of the graduate requirement and project report due day will be distributed to students, announced on the program’s internal website, and a reminder will be sent to the graduating students two weeks before the project report due date.