• Have a future career as a professional data scientist
  • Market: As modern information technologies relentlessly generate voluminous and complex data, analytical tools with solid foundation in statistical theory and methodology have become indispensable to industry and society in general. This trend has created a strong surge in the demand of professional data scientists.
  • The main objectives of data scientists are properly collect useful data, processing and maintaining data, and most importantly analyzing data for informed decision making, market exploration, better customer satisfaction, and profit generation.


  • Receive solid training in a broad range of topics, including probability, statistical methods, computational methods, data mining, machine learning and related subjects. 
  • Have a deep understanding of the nature of uncertainty, modeling, performance checking and decision making.
  • Develop strong statistical and computational skills for data analysis.
  • Develop strong communication and leadership skills which are essential to a successful career as a data scientist.
  • Ten courses, complete in 3 semesters (full time).
  • Possible internship in the summer


  • Students with a B.S in mathematics, statistics, engineering, computer science, or related fields.


  • Department of Statistics, Rutgers University.
  • Experienced faculty members and wonderful teachers
  • Exclusive and specially designed courses, projects, guest lectures, field trips etc.
  • Excellent connections to industry
  • Enhanced learning facilities, dedicated associate director of administration


  • Now. Applications are accepted on a rolling admissions basis. Program code: 954. Application Instructions HERE.