Stats vs CS Track

The MSDS program consists of two closely collaborated but structurally separated subprograms under a unified Rutgers Master in Data Science program; the MSDS track under the MS in Statistics and Biostatistics Program and the MSDS track under the MS in Computer Science Program. The two tracks will run separately, each with its own administrative staff members and running independently.

Each subprogram has its own curriculum and degree requirements, but collaborate closely. Common courses will be offered in both programs.

Each track combines the knowledge and expertise of both departments, but they are distinguished by a difference in emphasis. The Statistics track, which replaced the Data Mining track under the MS Statistics program, directs its focus towards the data analysis aspects of the Data Science field, whereas the Computer Science (CS) track concentrates more on its computer science aspects.

The students in the new MSDS program within Statistics will need to complete 30 course credits to graduate. Among the 10 courses, eight are required courses and two are electives.

Students in the new MSDS track within Computer Science will need to complete 36 credits to graduate. For more detailed information, please refer to the MSDS section of the Computer Science website HERE.

We encourage applications to either of these tracks within the MSDS program. However, please note that prospective students may apply to one track only. The current site is dedicated to prospective applicants to the Statistics track. Please click here for more information on courses offered on the Statistics track, as well as an example schedule.